RIP Elsa, Isabow, Cal, and Saguaro:

Elsa, female Gyrfalcon (white morph), 18 yrs old

Raptor Elsa






Isabow, male Red-Tailed Hawk (Eastern subspecies), 25 yrs old 

Raptor Isabow

Cal, male Red-Tailed Hawk (Western subspecies, intermediate morph), 3 yrs old

Raptor Cal

Saguaro, female Harris’s Hawk, 16 yrs old

Rator Saguaro

Thank you to everyone who has reached out, offering condolences, comfort, and support after a recent fire resulted in the loss of four of our beloved raptors. We are deeply saddened by the loss of these raptors, who are like family to many of our staff, volunteers, and other community members.

Many of you have asked how you can help at this time, and we are grateful for your support to the following fund, which will continue to support the Iowa Raptor Project’s mission – connecting students and the community to the conservation of birds of prey and their natural habitats through research and education opportunities: